Every Gal Needs a Full Slip In Her Closet

Every Gal Needs a Full Slip In Her Closet
Hellu Pussycats!!!
I fear that the full slip is becoming passe and I
am on a mission to make sure that doesn't happen.

Full slips are so useful and essential to any gal's closet.
Full slips are fantastic for smoothing out "everything" out under your dress.
It hides panty lines. It wards off static cling.
In the winter it keeps your dress from riding up to your crotch 
when you are walking down the street.
( HATE that!)
It won't suck you in like Spanx but it
will give you a nice clean line.
There is nothing like the feel of a cool cotton
slip under a synthetic dress on a hot day.
It help keep you warm in the winter and it
can definitely keep you more comfy in the summer.

I have so many pretty slips in the studio...

Let's not forget that these slips are damn sexy!
You can wear them to bed....don't know how long
they will actually stay on you ( wink, wink).
Most of the vintage ones are almost too
pretty to be worn under a dress.

I have some ladies that buy them to layer over each other and then wear 
them out as a summer dress ensemble.

Finally Pussycats, the best part about full slips is that
they work on every body size and shape.
If you big boobs or tiny boobs the full
slip will do the exact same thing for both.
If you are a size 2 or 22 the full slip will
work magic on both of you.

If you are going to a wedding this summer and
are thinking about a full slip pop up
and have a look in my studio.
I have tons of colours and sizes.
They range from $19.98 to $24.98

Have a great night.
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


tiddleywink said...

And don't forget the utility of a full slip: keeping moisturizers and natural skin oils off of your dress, allowing you extra wear between cleanings. Not only cost-effective, but much gentler on your fabrics.

Weezi.com said...

Those are fantastic points Tiddleywink!
I had thought of that, thank you so much!!
Everyone wants to keep the laundry or dry cleaning down. Especially if you are wearing your favourite vintage dress.
Great advice!

Anonymous said...

i recently tried to find a full slip to go under a dress and couldn't find one ANYWHERE. it was so frustrating! it seems like a basic necessity to me!

i guess i know where to get em now (o;

Weezi.com said...

It can be difficult to find them. If you need help next time...just drop me a line.
Ladies Consignment shops can be of some help as well with slips. If you need something specialized and are in town you might find something at Kings Mill's downtown.
thanx for writing! :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love full slips and always feel a little like Ms. Taylor when I put mine one!