The Every Day Stuff In Prague is What I Enjoy!

The Every Day Stuff In Prague is What I Enjoy!
Hellu Pussycats!!!
For many people going to new city is all about seeing and experiencing the sites.
You want to enjoy the history, the touristy stuff and what is unique to that city,country etc.
I certainly enjoy all of those things when we are in Prague and the Czech Republic.

But- what really fascinates me at the small day to day details of Czech life.
I want to see the things that are different to us.
Nothing makes me happier then spending a couple of hours in the 
grocery store or a Globus store ( their version of WalMart).
Seriously, Milos has to almost drag me out of there even after we
have spent more then 2 hours there.

I want to look at the packing, the language, the details
and the most non-touristy things.
Mini washing machines, fabulous tower freezers
and coloured toilet paper. I am in heaven.

Here are some of the "day to day" gems I found.

Milos scrutinizing beer prices in the local grocery store.
Looks like the "expensive" beer is 11 koruns
or about .54 cents a bottle.
Cheapest at 8 koruns is about .39 cents.

SALE! A liter of beer is about $1.50.

Of course I HAD to go to the pet store.
The Kitty section :)

This is the greenest hallway I have EVER seen!!!
This is the way to second floor washrooms
in the fancy mall.

( You can buy these at the BagLady here in London)

I found these fabulous items in a great store called
Pylons. Great gifty items! So fun.

I so enjoy the coloured toilet paper. Seriously.
I brought 4 packages home :)

I liked these little orange juice boxes.

Canned strawberries.


This frozen creamed spinach rocks my world.
We have nothing like it here at home.
Milos' Mum makes it with dumplings and potatoes.

It IS the Czech so of course there is a whole kolbasa and 
sausage isle. *Sigh*...but this sausage is horse. eww.
Very expensive.
Anchovies. I had to take this pic.
I'm not sure why.

Not much makes me happier then the smell of fresh bread,
especially in Prague.
The markets of full of the most amazing rolls and buns.
Check out these bad boys...
rolls with wienners and cheese.

Slivovice and Becherovka. National drinks that promise
to cure what ails ya!
Tried 'em both. Works well for digestion issues.
At least it did for me :)
Don't forget that tomorrow is Beehive Tuesday!!!

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Have a great day Pussycats!
Be in touch!!! Luv Weezi xo