People Watching in Prague

People Watching in Prague
Hellu Pussycats!
Today I have photos that I took in Prague of some
interesting and inspiring clothing and "looks".

I spent a lot of time people watching while I was there.
I love to do this at the best of times but it is even more enjoyable in Europe.
I really get a kick out of looking at what people have on and thinking
about that whole process of how they managed to come to that fashion conclusion.

You look at a person's outfit and think...
"What was it that made them decide that THIS was what they wanted to wear."
You know what I mean...????
What were the motivating factors that influenced his or her descion to
put on those clothes or accessories or to put together that outfit.
Was it weather? mood? a friend's advice...fat day or a skinny day?
AND!- you add being in Europe/Prague on top of it and that adds
 a whole other set of influences on top of all of that.

Am I looking at locals? Am I looking at tourists like myself?
Am I looking at people who are influenced by other cultures or 
someone who just plain doesn't give a damn or has no sense of style???

When I see someone wearing something VERY strange or odd
and they are clearly a tourist....I have to ask, why did they think
putting that in the suitcase was a good idea?????
Anyhow, It was a lot of fun and here is some of
what I saw....

Luv the orange bike and the harem knickers
with knee socks.

More of a harem type capri pant
and rolled down high tops.
I am on the fence with this one.

Two of my favourite things. White boots and high top Chucks.

Adorable. Luv her wedggie sandals and the bow in her hair.

Ummm...I give props for her personal sense of style.
Although, I did ask the "why in the suitcase"
question here.

I saw coloured suede boots a lot...good colours.
Please come to Canada soon!

More baggy saggy crotch pants.

Patterned pantyhose were everywhere-very nice.

This coat was fabulous!!
One of the most creative piece of clothing
I saw while I was there.

I couldn't tell if it was handmade or not.
The stitching was impeccable.
She was French and my french consists of
Bonjour and Ou la toilette??
Not helpful in this situation.

The Charles Bridge is a fantastic place to people watch.
I thought this coat was lovely, especially in a sea
of brown, black and beige.

Fuzzy hat and cowboy boots. luv it!

This gal made me smile with her stripe sox and 
white shoes.
Totally like this with the all black.

Then there is the casual family stroll with the baby...
Gucci Style!!! Wow.
A word to the wise...high heels and cobble stones 
do NOT mix well.
She clearly couldn't have cared less.

This novelty red car bag was cute with her red shoes.

 Really liked this cotton print shoulder bag.

I just liked this.

These little skirts where everywhere.
AND- I am happy to report that tights
were being worn with skirts like this or with shorts.
I did not see one person wearing tights as
pants...thank god!

The last thing Pussycats that I see over and over
again there nude pantyhose.
I almost never see bare legs.
Younger gals and older gals alike wear
nude pantyhose.
If you look closely you can faintly see the tell-tale
sheen of stockings.

I am of mixed feelings about this.
After years of feeling trapped in their pantyhose
gals all over where finally able to toss them aside
during the mid 80's. Hose were not necessarily
required (outside of work) and our bodies were happy because of it.
It was triumphant for women.
Bras were burned in the 70s and pantyhose were
ripped off and thrown away in the 80s.

It does seem a little dated to me when I see them. Reminds
me of my Mum purchasing Leggs pantyhose in Spice (groan) at the
department store.
( sometimes in the very fun Egg container! Great marketing. Remember that??)
However, I do appreciate that fact that they can make your legs look nice and
flawless if you have things to hide.
For now, I will chalk it up to cultural differences along with
socks and sandals and Speedos on men.

I hope you enjoyed my collage of some of the outfits 
I saw.
I am working on pics that I took of everyday things next.
Have a great afternoon!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxo


Paper Doll Vintage said...

Bahahahahaha! I was honestly and truly just talking about the poor decision of some people who wear tights as pants..again..bahahahhaha

Your pics are amazing! xo

Morgan said...


My hatred of pantyhose knows almost no bounds.. although i WILL do stockings if I have to. I do like tights!

LOVE the "eye" coat, too! And the car bag. HATING those harem pants, though. I've never found Mc.Hammer to be a major style icon, personally. *lol*

Sarah said...

Ahhh I love Prague...even just looking at the ground there makes me smile ha! That coat is amaaazing!

Sarah x

Forest City Fashionista said...

I so remember the L'Eggs pantihose, and the colour "spice". I thought it was a treat when I got to keep the silver egg...panti-hose are evil inventions of men to keep our girl parts from breathing.