After a long but uneventful flight we landed in Amsterdam

Ahoj  Pussycats! 
After a long but uneventful flight we landed in Amsterdam about 7 hours from 
the time we left Toronto.
The flight actaully went by very quickly.

We were very excited about our day in Amsterdam with an 8 hour lay over.
7am there 1am at home as we bought out train tickets to go into central of the city.
Unfortunately when we got off of the train it was very cold and rainy. Boo!
We went for an OK "English" breakfast and then decided to brave the drizzle.

It was lovely. We were overwhelmed by bikes everywhere! It sounds cliche but everyone was
riding (nearly everyone) a bike and IN the rain.
Some holding a umbrella or newspaper for protection or just riding in the rain and going with
the flow.

We manaded to walk about an hour and then found a place for a pint. Lack of sleep was
setting in so we decided too go back to the airport for a nap...LOL! yes, a nap was needed.
Here are some pics of the day.....

We landed in Pargue 6:00pm local time ready for a cold Czech beer and to catch up w friends.

Had a great 1st night although bleery eyed and fading fast.
After about 30 hours we were ready to crash.
Till next sheldanou xo


TheDesignBuzz said...

That sounds so fun! I will be living vicariously through your updates.

Kim at sassysistervintage

Anonymous said...

Miss you! Glad to hear youmade it safely.The pictures are beautiful and the bag on the back of the bike looks like a Weezi creation!

Toria said...

So lovely that you hit two of my "household" locales in less than 30 hours. I really don't recognize the velvet divorce of Czech republic and Slovakia.

Pink Glass Palace said...

Beautiful account of your trip and I especially love the picture of the bicycles lined up! said...

Thanx you guys! It was lovely even thru the rain and cold. It is astonishing how many bikes there were...really.
I really loved all the great bike seats and bike bags!

Modern Paper Goods said...

Gray, rainy but lovely. Just like Seattle! I wish our bike culture could match theirs... Great photos!