Headache- Vintage Style

 Headache- Vintage Style
Hello Pussycats!
Well, once again I was greeted this morning by a headache from hell.
 I sit here and wonder what
the hell to do with myself because I have no energy and
feel like I was hit with the stupid stick....
So, I will look up headache on Etsy to see what I find.
Oddly enough, some fun stuff.


From goodgosh

From AVintageChoice

From cozystudio

From portlandgeneralstore

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Have a great night Pussycats!
I am off to lie down. That was exhausting!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Anonymous said...

Vodka cures all!!


nikolina100 said...

awwww, sorry to hear you are dealing with that. Get better quick!