Happy Easter with Armies Guns and Cannons????

 Happy Easter with Armies Guns & Cannons????
Hellu Pussycats!
I adore vintage Easter cards.
I am sucker for kittens and ducklings and bunnies.
All of it...the pussywillows and the little girls in adorable
little dresses and bonnets.
Sigh..I just love spring!

These last 2 are my favourites.

Then there are some really strange ones out there.
Happy Military Easter????

These postcards photos are courtesy of Sunnybrook100 on Flickr
She states that...
While WWI had not yet begun, it is probably a reflection of the arms
race that was gearing up in Europe prior to the outbreak of war in 1914.
(these cards were printed in Germany)
Now that makes sense.
Have a great day Pussycats!
Enjoy your Easter weekend!!! I will be around all weekend.
I am closed Friday of course but open regular hours all weekend.
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo