Red Rain Boots Make Me Smile!

Red Rain Boots Make Me Smile!
Hellu Pussycats!
What a glorious Saturday afternoon!
Spring is in the air.....thank goodness!
Spring brings much rain which is Ok with me b/c that means 
I can justify my need for new rubber boots.
My obsession this year are red boots
with white polka dots.
Overall I am in luv w red boots
Let's see what is out there...




SCORE!!! Woot! These are what I am looking for.
AND! they come in tiny size 5.
Will have to check on shipping to Canada.
These 3 boots are from

These boots are gorgeous!..


I found these on Welly Boot Style  
a blog dedicated to Welly boots. Great find.

From Emily Hannah Ltd. I found these.
Now, I know they aren't red BUT....

WOW! How great are these?!
 and these...

Oh...choosing is going to be very difficult.

I had to go right to the source of
all fabulous rubber boots...
Wellington Boots home of the Wellie.



hmmm..maybe I will need more then one pair of rubber boots.

These are hilarious from Dirty Laundry

Found on  

I also adore these but cna't seem to
find a place to actually buy them...


Well Pussycats, I have my work cut out for me.
When I finally decide and make a purchase I will let you know.

Have a great Saturday!!
Be in touch! I like to hear your comments.
Luv Weezi xo
Photo by Adam Gaverluk Photography


nikolina100 said...

I love rain boots! They make them so cute now. But Ive never purchased a pair. I don't know if I would ever actual;ly wear them, but they would be SO fun for photoshoots!! said...

I wear mine all the time! I love them as an alternative all year round.
I like wearing them w longer skirts and knees socks.
I am actually thinking of taking rubber boots on our vacation to Prague these.....early May there will be lots of rain.
Just have to find the right pair.

Th-ye would be GREAT for photo shoots :)

Cindy said...

I think I just died and went to rain boot heaven! I *love* the poppy ones... so cute!