The Kind of Baggage You Want

The Kind of Baggage You Want
Hellu Pussycats!!
Milos and I will be heading off to Prague 2 months today.
Whenever we are in the airport and I am watching people drag
their suitcases behind them it makes me think
of the good old days when people had to carry 
their luggage. Imagine that.

I love the idea that travel was a dress up affair and people
wore their best and the luggage reflected that.

With this in mind I went looking
for great examples of vintage luggage.

 From Modhuman 

From Ladyjamie

 From epoca

 From Jacklom3

From FishboneDeco

 From vintandmintitems

 From RubyLemons

From VintageFanAttic

 From conceptfurnishings

I have to admit I am grateful for wheels on the bottom of luggage.
Let me tell you, I do not travel light Pussycats. 
If it will fit, I am takin' it!
Have a great afternoon!
Be in touch!
luv Weezi xoxo

Photo by Adam Gaverluk Photography