Judy Blume + Esther Williams = Swim Caps

Judy Blume + Esther Williams = Swim Caps
Hellu Pussycats!
When I was in grade 7 or 8 I read and loved
Starring Sally J.Freedman As Herself 
By Judy Blume.

 I worshiped Judy Blume! What adolescent girl didn't?
I had never heard of Esther Williams until I read that book.
It was one of many defining moments that helped solidify my obsession with 
the 1940's and the 1950's.

I went to the library to learn more about Esther Williams
(very pre google!)
and not only was I amazed by her beauty but I
was drawn immediately
to some of the swim caps she was wearing.
See where this is going???

Yep! Today is about the love of swim caps.
I own a few and the crazier the better!!

On Luxury Divas I found these..

 ( they do ship to Canada)


The petals on this are fantastic!
These photos are just to enjoy....
above photos found thru google searches.

This image is courtesy of  My Vintage Vogue
Thank you!!!
Have a great weekend Pussycats!
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Katie said...

Have you seen the cosmetic bags made out of old-school swim caps, by Raspberry Jam Design? Check 'em out -- made in Lunenburg, NS.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Love this post! I was a big Judy Blume reader as a youngster, and went through a similar 1940s/Esther W/swim cap fascination.

Weezi.com said...

OMG! I read that book probably 3 or 4 times the summer.
Thank you so much for writing Katie and Karen!!!
Those cosmetic bags are AWESOME!
It looks like their site is down but I will follow up on that for sure.
Have a great weekend!!!

CapricornOneVintage said...

I also loved Judy Blume books, I remember in 6th grade when the teacher would leave the room, we'd whip out 'Forever' and take turns reading it out loud to the class. It's a wonder we never got caught. hehe.
I also love the swim caps....so cute!
Oh, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!
go here to see what it's about