Hamburgerpanda?? But I'm a Vegetarian!

Hamburgerpanda?? But I'm a Vegetarian!
Hellu Pussycats!
Today is a bit of a departure from the regular.
I bought a tee shirt for my BBF at Christmas from Cindy at 
Cindy was such an awesome seller and my BFF luved her tee.
But for some reason, when I went to leave feedback
the purchase wasn't there.
This has been bugging me.
I really wanted to leave her good feedback b/c she deserved it.
So in lieu of feedback, I thought I could do her one better
and share she shoppe here with you.

She has fabulous screened tees, note cards and prints.
A bit about her...
Hamburgerpanda is Cindy Yep, whose work is inspired by science fiction, nature, and Asian pop culture. Her designs feature animals in unusual, sometimes surreal tableaux, such as three bears encased in ice pops, a tiny pony in a jar, or her line of Seabots which imagine sea creatures as robots.

This is the tee shirt I bought
It is called Bacon Fish.
The  joke between my BFF and I is that I am a vegetarian
and she puts meat on everything.
EVERYTHING! especially bacon.
Bacon is her absolute favourite.
If there is a place to put the bacon on it she will.
So when I saw the bacon fish tee I HAD to get it for her.

They have men's , women's and children's tees

A peek at a few of her great note cards.

You can find Hamburgerpanda on Etsy

If you buy something please tell her that Weezi sent you.
She really is a great gal and provided me with terrific customer service.
And just before I go, here are some
new record journals now in the studio
soon to be on line.

 Billy Graham

Eydie Gorme

Flip Wilson
(if you don't know this comedian from the 60s and 70s google him!)

The Pretenders
That is all of now Pussycats!
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo

photo by Adam Gaverluk Photography