Cut The Vintage Apron Strings? Never.

Cut The Vintage Apron Strings? Never.
Hellu Pussycats!
Lately I have been obsessed with vintage bib aprons.
I adore vintage aprons of all kinds but lately it
is all about the bib apron itself.
I want to sew up some aprons that have a decided vintage feel
to them but don't look like a chef's apron.
I would like to come up with something that can
be worn as both a smock and an apron.
It would be nice to be able to wear it as a kind of accessory
that could be layered.
I am thinking about our upcoming trip to Europe this spring.
How nice would it be to have a fun smock to
brighten up a drab "travel" outfit ??
Also, the extra pockets would be very handy.
Not to mention I could always use extra pockets when I am sewing
and working in the studio.
So, today I am looking for inspiration to help me
finalize a couple of designs.
I like style #2. The fullness in the skirt is nice.

The ruffles on B are lovely.
I would wear one with ruffles like that....would you??
(please leave a comment if you don't mind
and give me your opinions. It really does help me!)
Paper Doll Vintage has a great example of this in a long version
in her shoppe.
I like the ruffles but I think it would be more
of a wear-at-home apron for me.

This idea would work great if it was shorter.

wow! that collar is brilliant.

The way the straps go around the neck is perfect.
No ties at the neck ( I don't want ties at the neck for this idea)
Still roomy in the bust which means more body
types can fit into it.

This just plain old cute.

These are both great examples of what
I would like to do.
I would make mine shorter to go over skinny jeans
tights or even over another skirt.

I really like this one!
Very cute from Malphi

This one is great b/c it has the ruffles but they are
small and not over powering the dress.

Vintage Candy Stripper Smock from 

This is nice idea from VintageDevoation 

Well Pussycats, that was great.
Found tons of great ideas to pull inspiration from.
if you see or know of other interesting apron dresses,
smocks or vintage bib apron please send the links my way.
I am always open to ideas and suggestions.
If you are looking for nice examples of ready made vintage
inspired aprons check out this older post from me.
Have a great afternoon!!!
Be in touch!! Leave a comment or suggestion
on apron dresses, smocks or whatever.
Don't be shy!
Luv Weezi xo


Paper Doll Vintage said...

thanks so much for adding me! I am seriously in love with the chevron apron dress!..mmm..chevron..I have weakness for it :) said...

My pleasure!! You have the best stuff! :)
Always glad to pass along the word for a fellow (fantastic) Canadian.