C'est Bon Bon Spiel!!

C'est Bon Bon Spiel!!
Hellu Pussycats!
Today I would like to introduce you to Ellen at  BonSpielCreations and her fabulous
hand made bags and change purses.

I thought BonSpiel was something like
Good Creations in french but I couldn't have been more wrong!
Turns out...
A bonspiel is a curling tournament,
traditionally held outdoors on a frozen freshwater loch.
The word comes from the German language[1] and means
league (or alliance or household) match (or game). 
Although Bonspiels originated in Germany, the most notable tournament in the world nowadays is The Brier, the Canadian Men's Curling Championship. For Canadians, this tournament equals or nearly equals the importance of the Olympics and the World Curling Championship.
Who knew!??
( clearly I am not a curling fan)
Well, in my world BonSpiel does mean fantastic creations.
Ellen is the creative genius behind BonSpiel in Victoria BC.
She loves simplicity, clarity, texture, charm, cuteness and strangeness. And complex color combinations. 
I think that is clearly obvious...

even an Iphone sleeve..

I really enjoy Ellen's use of texture and the way she mixes her colours.
You can find BonSpiel on Twitter...

Check out her shoppe on Etsy BonSpielCreation
and enjoy!
Well Pussycats, I finally broke down in February and bought shoes online.
I have the smallest feet in the world and the idea
of buying shoes without trying them
on was daunting for me.
I had never done it before.

I really need some shoes that are good for walking
that look "good" but aren't sneakers for when we go to Prague.
They came yesterday.
With some insoles and 2 pairs of sox...
they fit!!! Yahoo!

Of course, now that I am feeling very brave....
my next purchase on line will be rain boots!
Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo