1970's Retro Treasures in the Weezi Studio

1970's Retro Treasures in the Weezi Studio
Hellu Pussycats!
Well, I broke down and did some dusting.
I will vacuum for hours and never complain but 
do I ever hate dusting.
Which is funny b/c I am the queen of knick knacks
and dust collectors around the apartment.
You would think I would be prepared to dust
and even make peace with it....but no.

Anyhow...as I was dusting in the studio I decided
that I would take photos of some of the 1970s treasures.
If you like brown and orange or yellow you are in for a treat!
 Awww..memories of my Mum's kitchen.
When I was a kid our kitchen cupboards were orange,
the kitchen table was brown and orange the
walls were faux wood paneling. Oh- the 70's.
Looking back now-it was glorious!
 Me in the kitchen...I was 4.
The doll and I were the same size. Fun Times!

All these lovely treasures are in the Weezi studio now.
Any questions about any of these please feel free to

Have a great Friday Pussycats!!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Anonymous said...

hmm.... looking lovely already!!!!

Weezi.com said...

Thank you!!

Lauren said...

I had a doll just like that! Used to sleep with her next to me, and every night she'd fall out of the bed and land on the floor with a loud, plastic, WHAM! Woke up everyone but me. :)

Weezi.com said...

Lauren! LOL! That is hilarious! They were sort of heavy. I LUVED her b/c we were the same size.