Just When I thought it Couldn't Get Any Worse....
Helllu Pussycats!!!!

Ok, maybe I am getting a little older.
I still have an extremely open mind for fashion.
Even if I wouldn't wear it ...I can appreciate the odd  and experimental trend
here and there.
Stylists have to push the envelope right???
I get that.

But what in the world are Treggings??!
omg. Seriously.
A cross between trousers and leggings. *coughs* OK. 

According to the Fashion Police
( this is a great site BTW)

They’re not trousers. They’re not leggings. No, they’re "treggings" – do you see what they did there? Treggings have actually been on the fashion scene for a good few months now, but, assuming they were just a flash in the pan, The Fashion Police didn’t bother to bring them in for questioning. As the months have passed, however, and the treggings have proved to have a longevity that we didn’t expect of them, we’ve brought them before you now to stand in the dock and be judged…
I am stumped..why? Who will these look good on
besides anyone over 6 feet tall that weighs 120 lbs.
Even then...there is the issue of ah...
*whispers*...camel toe. There I said it.
We are all thinking it!

These are Ok..I like that they are higher in the waist.
Sorry Pussycats, I try not to be negative here but I can't wrap my head around this.
I don't think they will lok good on anyone. They are sloppy and a bad excuse for proper fitting trousers.

Let me tell you..if stirrup pants come back..I quit.
No joke!
This is what corporate mall fashion gets you....
treggings and stirrup pants. *shudder*
Ok, I am done ranting. :)
What do you think????

Have agreat day Pussycats!
Be in touch! Luv WEezi xoxox
Photo by Adam Gaverluk Photography

PS- On a sad note, a lovely women that I buy jewelry from came in
and told me that her son had been killed in a car crash in October.
I am so incredibly saddened by her pain and loss.
Yet another reminder to ALL of us that life is short.
Cliche but true.
Hug someone you love today and tell them that.
Tell someone that you appreciate them and say thank you.
You never know.
Hugs, Lisa


nikolina100 said...

My ass would SO not look good in those! ew!!

**Sorry to hear about your friend's loss of her son. I will hug all my peeps tonight for sure!

Victoria said...

Aha, I've heard of these, and the jean-legging variant, jeggings. I don't know - on the one hand I feel like I could wear these with knee-high boots if they were lower-rise, but on the other hand, I don't see the advantage over skinny jeans.

I am also sorry for your friend. A very true sentiment though. said...

Thanx Nikolina and Victoria!
It is heartbreaking but also a reminder for the rest of us.
You just never know...
Jeggings??! oh man!I am not sure which is worse the name or the actual item..ha ha!
I see how they might be OK with boots but jeans are more "appropriate". I hate that tights are supposed to be like pants.
Oh don't get me started!!!
thank you for taking the time to write..both of you!!
ta ta for now, Lisa :)

Katie MVD said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooo JEGGINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been whining on Facebook about the current love of jeggings, and just leggings in general, as a substitute for trousers for some time now.

And just this afternoon, as I was eating my lunch in a local cafe, I did a little sick in my mouth whne I saw a, shall we say, 'cuddly' lady getting out of a car opposite wearing a not-quite-hip-length jacket & leggings. Seriously, if you have lumpy things then leggings of any kind are not the way to go. I can't imagine anything worse than my squidgy bits in leggings, jeggins or treggings...*shudder*