The Red Coats are Coming!!!

The Red Coats are Coming!!!
Hellu Pussycats!
No, we are not being invaded by the British.
But!- I do hope to be invaded by some lovely red spring coats.
I have been wanting a red spring coat for along time.

Why not make yourself one you ask??
That is a very good question!
Answer. I don't feel like it.

To be honest...I am not motivated to sew for
myself lately. It is a phase I am sure.
Spring will make me want to
dive right into lovely cottons, sewing up summer skirts and
dresses pour moi but for now....eeck.
Let's get something vintgae.
So here we go....
I looked around last night and found some gems.

Sweet! The round collar is perfect.

From Snap Vintage I like this colour red a lot.

From Pinehaven2 OOOH! Red plaid is
one of my favs...

This one is a little too 80's looking for me but I 
really like the puffy sleeves.

OMG! Yes please!!! I fell for
this one immediatley.
So 1970's.

How adorable is this??

Ok, I really like this one ...a lot!
I have check the measurements but
I think this might be the one.
I am not usually into coasts that are so 
simple. Usually I am into all the bells an whistles.
But- that red colour says it all!

If you see any red coats online and think I might like it
send me a link

Again, red coats to wear not British Soldiers.
Although, I have to admit I am a sucker for a British accent.
Aaaand.....if you combine that with a sexy man in a uniform then Ok I am in.
Send me links for either! LOL! ;)
 Thanx Pussycats!!!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo