Dames Luv Doin' The JitterBug Baby!

 Dames Luv Doin' The JitterBug Baby!
Hellu Pussycats!!!!
If you're a dame and like threads from the 30's & 40's you are gonna feel real swell about
cause she one hep kitten cookin' with gas!

Kim designs one of kind garments reminiscent of the 40's
I am a dancer and stage performer with an enthusiastic interest for fun clothes. I make quality ready to wear ranging in eras, styles and sizes. I use vintage materials when I can and often substitute with vintage reprints. Almost every garment is a one of a kind creation. My garments are made with "danceability" and modern comforts in mind while staying true to the glamor of the eras.

Have a gander. Her clothing is the cat's meow! 


That gal has some spiffy gams!!
Her shipping to Canada is very reasonable as well.
Hope you enjoy Kim's lovely designs
as much as I do!

You can find Kim on twitter

 or On Facebook
 Tell her Weezi sent ya!!

On a completely other note my BF Milos has started a beer blog
He will be writing and musing about beers from all over the world.
Reviews, tastings and what is new and exciting in the world of beers.
I will be occasionally posting links to what he has going on.
He literally just stared the blog this week so give him a follow and say Hello.
If you or someone you know likes beer this will be the guy to follow.
You can also follow him on Twitter

Well Pussycats, I hope you have a great weekend!
Be touch! Luv Weezi xo