Every Gal Needs an Interesting Hat!

Every Gal Needs an Interesting Hat!
Helluuu Pussycats!
My friend Sheri sent me a link to this hat the other night
and I was smitten. From Mojospastyle

If I didn't have such a tiny head and if I had more hair
( I think I look like a boy in hats b/c you can't see my
super short hair)
I would have purchased it for sure.
The flower applique is stunning and I so luv that green colour.

They have gorgeous hats as well...

I would like one of each...maybe I should get a long wig so 
I can wear hats. Hmmm..something to ponder.

When you go to purchase tell her Weezi sent you!

This one of the new pics from the photo shoot
I did with my brother on Monday night.
Karyn is stunning!
I luv everything about it!
Especially the pink water.
Have a great Thursday Pussycats!
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo

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Cindy said...

Be still my heart! I am such a sucker for cute hats... especially when they're all decked out in flowers and bows.