Creepy Vintage Valentines + Some Cute Ones

Creepy Vintage Valentines + Some Cute Ones
Helllu Pussycats!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
I found these odd vintage Valentines cards that I thought
you might get a kick out of.

You have your sadistic type valentines...

Ropes, knives and clevers. Just what I think of
when I think of Valentine's Day. EEK!

Then there are the ones that will bully you
in being their Valentine...


My favourites are the cute innocent  ones that remind
you of the simplicity in asking someone to be your Valentine.


The kitty ones are the ones I like best!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


nikolina100 said...

haha! holy wow! those ARE a bit creepy. But vintage valentines are always adorable! said...

I can't get enough of them! I think they are so cute. Even the weird creepy ones.

CapricornOneVintage said...

hehe! oh i adore all of these.......i suppose that probably says something about me, but i don't care! i'd be happy to receive any one of them ♥
happy valentines day to you! xo said...

Thanx! I think it says you have a very good sense of humour! ;)w