The Cats Meow

The Cats Meow
Hellu Pussycats!!!
I have had my Weezi cat's eye logo since shortly after I graduated
from fashion design in 1989.

When I was in college I found a pair just like
this that I wore all the time.
I had my prescription put in them and I was a big hit! (wink, wink!)
I had decided then, that if I was able to have
my own clothing line I
would use them as my logo.
I have never regretted my choice.
They are still just as timeless and relevant.

I thought I would look around today and see what other
cats eye glasses are available.
Sadly, the glasses that provided me w so much inspiration were lost.
Maybe I should replace them....

These frames are sweet....

Yes please!

 Sooo many to choose from at
They have many great frames to pick from here.


These sunglasses look just like my old ones...


A great alternative to black. Stunning.

My Mum had a pair like these...


From Modern Maude ( luv that name!)

I like the round corners on these for a little bit of a change.

I luv the grey gunmetal colour of these...


Well, Pussycats I might just add new frames to the many things I would like to have for spring.

Have a great night!! Stay Warm!
I hope all my friends in the US north east have power again and are shoveled out.
Be in touch!!! Luv Weezi xo


nikolina100 said...

I have a pair of black cat eye glasses that I have had my prescription in for over 5 years. I love them with all my heart. Unfortunately, my eyesight is getting worse and I have to keep changing prescriptions every year. The last time they did it the lady told me they wouldn't last another lens change....eeeeeeps!!!! I almost cried right there on the spot!! Since then, everywhere I go I look at the glasses, but up until now, there is still NONE that have won my heart over. sad times. I DONT want to part with my current ones...ever! I love your choices tho....the silver ones are divine! said...

OH Nikolina!!!! This is making my heart break! I feel your pain.
There MUST be something that can be done. Don't give up hope and fight the good fight!
There are so many pairs out there...we just need to put the call!
If you need help looking let me know.

thanx for writng!! Lisa :)